CPA XTREME is a fun, competitive, energetic, family-based youth volleyball club for girls! We take pride in providing a wholesome recreational activity that strengthens the abilities of your player to the level in which they aspire to achieve. We are established in the North Idaho area serving in multiple cities of the evergreen region.

Mission Statement

CPA XTREME is committed to:

  • Teach, build, guide and improve skills
  • Instill hard work, desire, determination and most of all INSPIRE
  • Strengthen abilities to a level far exceeding expectations
  • Our promise is to care and mold your player into star character

R. Adriano de Souza

Head Coach

He is a native Brazilian with past experience playing highly-competitive volleyball in a youth club from age 15 to 18 years old. He also had 2 years of playing at a semiprofessional beach volleyball level as a teen. R. Adriano has over 15 years of experience in athletic training and coaching. He has a management background in both soccer and volleyball Academy training and competitive league organization. He has worked with youth as a personal trainer, coach, and mentor. R. Adriano has had various jobs coaching youth and developing their fundamentals as well as training them at a competitive level. He takes pride in being able to use his talent and experience to train his own children and enjoys any opportunity to help them in their personal progression and development of athletic ability.